On October 30, 2019, changes to the Quebec immigration laws and regulations were published in the newspaper Gazette officielle du Québec

These recent modifications were made in order to better respond to the need of the current job market in the country. Also, these changes will facilitate the integration of the new immigrants into the Quebec society. Most of the changes will be effective on November 1st, 2019. 

If you’re planning to migrate to Quebec or Canada anytime soon, then it is important that you find out, from a professional, about all of the new amendments to the legislation, so that your immigration process remains hassle-free. Avocat Daniel Masse is one of the leading experts for Quebec and Canada immigration, and with his years of experience, he has mastered the nitty-gritty details regarding the related proceedings. He is familiar with all of the old and new migration rules and has a thorough understanding of how Canadian immigration works. 

Daniel Masse lawyer, has helped several clients over the years with their immigration needs and has reviewed an impressive variety of cases. Thanks to such profound knowledge on the subject, he not only can assist you, but he can also consult with you on an individual basis regarding the different possibilities that are available to your specific situation. 

Daniel Masse and his team offer expert services on business immigration, skilled worker immigration, as well as in recruitment. Migrating to another country is not an easy task and it involves a ton of paperwork that can be burdensome. Above all, your case could even get rejected if the paperwork requirements are not in order. Please remember that with the assistance of Daniel Masse and his competent team, this otherwise stressful experience could be transformed into a much smoother process for you and your loved ones!  

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