For Quebec immigration, one of the most popular business immigration programs is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (“QIIP”). However, the Quebec provincial government has suspended the intake of new application for this program until June 30, 2020. The suspension of application is applicable from November 1st, 2019. If you had been planning to apply for QIIP, then you can use this time period to make your case stronger and do all the necessary homework until the suspension period is over. This way, when the government starts accepting new applications, you will have a head start. 

The primary requirements for the Quebec immigrant investor program included, at the time of suspension:

  1. You needed to demonstrate your personal net worth of at least $2 million which should be legally acquired by you.
  2. You also needed to demonstrate that you have owned and operated a business for two years in the previous five years or you have held a high-level management position for two years in the previous five years.
  3. You needed to have invest $1.2million in a passive government guaranteed investment for over a period of five years without receiving any interest.

Once the suspension is lifted, Daniel Masse, as a Canadian immigration lawyer, will be in a great position to provide you guidance with regards to the new applicable rules.

During that suspension period, you can also consider other options as well within Canada.

Applying for immigration involves a lot of paper work and you need to abide by the set guidelines to get your CSQ and ultimately, your Permanent Residency granted. Having an experienced lawyer like Daniel Masse by your side will ensure that you get through the process with ease. He and his team have handled several business immigrations cases over the years for candidates just like you. They not only can help you getting your paper work sorted, but they are experienced enough to give you options specific to your case. Daniel Masse can advise you on the legal and regulatory aspects of your immigration process.

Entrepreneur programs – Canada:

If you decide to opt for an active investment program in Canada (one of the several “entrepreneur programs” available), Daniel Masse’s extensive experience with commercial and corporate law will serve you well.

Daniel Masse can help you understand each of the options available and suggest the best one for you. Investment options start at CAD100,000 in the Province of British-Columbia. Get in touch today to understand your present stand and how you can achieve your ultimate goal of settling in Canada.

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