If you’re a skilled professional and wish to make a living by migrating to Canada, then you’re at the right place! Daniel Massé Lawyer can help you to migrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada is relatively easy, the people are friendly, and the biggest reason is there are ample opportunities for skilled professionals like you. Daniel Massé has helped many skilled workers to migrate to Canada and settle down with a lucrative career. 

Why you should hire Daniel Massé?

The reason is simple. Daniel Massé has deep and extensive knowledge of skilled program migration rules. Not only that he is also familiar with the different programs that are available and best suited for you but he can consult you on the best program for you too. He has handled several similar cases in the past and assisted many professionals like you to migrate to Canada under the skilled worker program. Being a member of the Barreau du Quebec, he can represent anyone who intends to immigrate to Canada. 

To be eligible to apply under the federal skilled worker program, you need to meet the minimum requirements which include:

Skilled work experience – Which indicates you have worked in any of these groups for at least a year – Managerial job (skill level 0); Professional jobs (skill level 1) and Technical jobs (skill level B)

Education – If you have a foreign country education, you need to acquire a complete educational credential.

Language ability – You have passed English/French language tests for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Applications are assessed and given points based on the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Learn English or French
  • Work experience
  • If you have a job offer
  • Adaptability 

How to prepare yourself?

While Avocat Daniel Massé and his team can help you with the migration process and all the associated paperwork, you also need to prepare yourself to adjust to the new life in this foreign land. Once you arrive in a new country, you might find your initial days a bit overwhelming. New people, new culture, new work…it may be difficult to get yourself adjusted at the beginning. However, if you are determined to settle down in Canada, then you should start doing your groundwork well. If you are well prepared and know what to expect in the new country, then it will definitely become easier for you to adjust and settle. To avoid facing any unwelcome situation upon your arrival, here are some quick tips to help you get familiar with the country before your arrival.

1. Do some research on how it is to live and work in Canada

2. Note down a list of things that are permitted to carry along with you to Canada

3. Learn about the Canadian provinces and territories

4. Learn French and English

5. Prepare financially, learn about the sales tax, how to plan household expenses, cost of living, etc. 

With Daniel Massé and his able team by your side, your migration to Canada would be seamless an experience.

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