Canada offers plenty of business opportunities to the right candidates. It offers business immigration programs for skilled people like you who want to settle in Canada and boost the economy of the country by creating new job opportunities. If you are looking for a business immigration visa for Canada then Daniel Massé Lawyer and his team can guide you.

There are various business immigration programs that you can opt for depending on your suitability and eligibility. To qualify for the Entrepreneur Base category, you must have a personal net worth specified by the government (CAD600,000), demonstrate business and/or management experience. You also need to establish an eligible new business. Alternatively, you may purchase an existing business and plan to improve it that could be anywhere in British Columbia. In addition to this, you need to make a personal investment for the amount specified (CAD200,000) by the government. However, you don’t need to qualify for the IELTS test.

The Entrepreneurial Regional pilot is another program that lets you gain entry into the country by having a personal net worth of CAD300,000 and an investment of CAD100,000. You also need to demonstrate business or management experience and that you can establish an eligible new business in the country. For this category, only a low IELTS score is required (IELTS 4).

You may also qualify under the Owner/Operator federal program as a foreign investor entrepreneur by acquiring an established business. Daniel Massé lawyer can help you with your visa processing requirement by drafting a well-laid business plan that will demonstrate how you are going to bring a benefit to the Canadian economy.  Avocat Daniel Massé can help you understand the entire process along with the right guidance so that you don’t face any hassle.

You can also migrate to Canada under the skilled worker’s program. For an express entry, you will need to quality IELTS 7, hold a bachelor’s degree or above, have at least a year of work experience, and should ideally be under the age of 41 years.

Daniel Massé Attorney can guide you throughout your application process including the documentation work. His team will also track your application process so that you’re updated on the status at every stage. Transitioning from one country to another is difficult, and can be a stressful affair given that you have to go through a long process of formalities and paperwork. Plus, settling down in a new country and a new environment could be challenging at times. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to do the transition smoothly. With an able lawyer by your side, things just become a lot easier.

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