Daniel Massé, an immigration lawyer from Canada, settled in Dubai, partner at Danlik Associates, assists people and their families to start their life in countries like Canada, Australia, Portugal and many more.

Daniel Massé also offers a wide range of commercial & corporate law services to international clients in many jurisdictions worldwide. His highly qualified staff members and a vast network of collaborators and associates will ensure timely and professional services practically anywhere in the world.

Testimonials for Avocat Daniel Massé

J’ai travaillé avec Daniel Massé dans une entreprise de migration canadienne basé à Dubaï qui s’appelle Business Strategic Consultancy. C’est un bon avocat et un ami et c’était une expérience très importante pour moi

Ghandri Walid, Former Business Associate

I applied for the express entry immigration program through Danlik associates with Mr. Daniel.

I already received my Invitation To Apply (ITA) and the documents had been sent.

It was a pleasure dealing with Mr. Daniel, he’s very professional and cares about his clients and I was very satisfied by the service level of his team!

Othmane Bensouda, Client

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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